Financial Services Overview Blitzcamps

The ASISA Academy offers a series of workshops providing high intensity learning in one-day Blitzcamps on the following topics:

Financial Services Industry Overview
An introduction to the financial services industry painting the big picture of how the industry fits together, describing the main role players, showing the flow of funds through the industry as well as the typical products offered by the various businesses.

Investment Management Business Overview
An introduction to the investment business industry providing a broad overview of how an investment management business is structured and the workflow through the firm. This Blitzcamp builds on the foundational learning from the Financial Services Industry Induction Blitzcamp showing candidates how investment research, portfolio management, dealing, administration, governance and technology fit together at an investment management firm. It also considers how the firm interacts with other industry players such as stockbrokers, the JSE & STRATE and outsourced service providers.

Industry Overview for Senior Executives
An additional one-on-one Industry mentoring is available for newly-appointed Senior Executives with little or no investment or insurance industry experience. The intention is to provide a safe, independent space for a new executive or company board member to get to grips rapidly with the nuances of the industry. The workshop will be facilitated by a highly experienced practitioner with prior experience at the highest levels in the industry.

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