Consumer Financial Education (CFE) Practitioner Bootcamp

The CFE Bootcamp is delivered over three days and is designed to equip individuals who lead and manage in the area of CFE, both within organisations which implement their own CFE programmes as well as CFE delivery partners.

The three day bootcamp covers a range of topics including:

Strategic engagement: Championing CFE at executive level, aligning initiatives with government’s strategic CFE frameworks and identifying opportunities to impact the organisation’s B-BBEE transformation and inclusion objectives.
CFE programme content and delivery: Defining programme outcomes, determining the fit between outcomes, content and delivery methods, assessing content and delivery partners.

Reporting and M&E: The practical requirements of CFE reporting, defining M&E objectives and conducting effective M&E.

Engaging service providers: Assessing, selecting and contracting service providers.

Engaging beneficiaries: Analysing the needs of different target audiences, advocacy and building relationships with community leaders.

Project management: Developing and managing a CFE budget, designing programme ROI metrics, basic project management processes.
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